Elections 2016


Voting has started and ends at midnight this Saturday, May 14th. The OAJET Council works hard to bring you interesting events and opportunities year round. For those of you continuing on JET, now is the time to have your voice heard! For those of you leaving, don’t forget the ways in which OAJET shaped your experiences here. Pay it forward to new JETs by casting your vote!

Each person may only vote once. You can vote one of two ways
In person by secret ballot
Via email

We understand that voting by email is not anonymous. Please rest assured that OAJET is doing everything it can to keep votes confidential. During the voting period, only the election committee (leaving members) will be able to check the OAJET email account. Once elections are over, all emailed votes will be deleted from the OAJET email account prior to council access being restored, so all votes will remain confidential.

Or, you can vote in person by secret ballot at Bar Zerro on May 14th from 7:30 to 8:30PM and we’ll give you a ticket worth 700 yen you can use towards food or drink!

To vote by email, please follow the instructions below:

After reviewing each candidate’s platform (posted below) please email osaka.ajet@gmail.com indicating  which candidates you support to stand on the 2016-2017 Osaka AJET Council by placing a cross in the brackets next to the candidate’s name. Just copy and paste the list below, fill out the crosses, and send it over to us in an email.
You may vote for as many candidates as you like.

(  ) Joseph Baietto
(  ) Zoe Barber
(  ) Cole Millions
(  ) Melanie Budney
(  ) Mandy Beaulieu


Candidate Platforms:


Joseph Baietto

Hi everyone! I hope your first day back at work from Golden Week went well. If you took the day off, enjoy it!

My name’s Joe Baietto, and I’m hurtling into my fourth year on JET. I’ve been on the Council for the past two years, so hopefully I’ve met all of you at some point or another.

I’d love to sit on the Council for a third year, and I hope you’ll give me your support. Osaka is slated for a relatively large number of new JETs this coming year, and nothing would please me more than continuing (and improving upon) OAJET’s job of making new JETs feel welcome and addressing any questions they might have. In particular, I’m considering the feasibility of a small ‘OAJET Orientation,’ perhaps during our Welcome Dinner at Rinku Town, to help get our new JETs settled. I’d love it if current Osaka JETs could help with this, as everyone has their own specialized fonts of Osaka knowledge, the variety of which always amazes me.

I’d also like to make a stronger push for professional development activities within our community, even if they’re nothing more complicated than lesson swaps or teaching material sharing. One of the things that I’ve discovered during my third year is that I really, really like discussing the nuts and bolts of our job—what kinds of lessons work for what kinds of classes and students, how one can most efficiently plan lessons for students across many, many different grade levels, and even, fundamentally, what we’re here to do as JETs. All of the conversations I’ve had about what we do have yielded at least one useful nugget of information, and anything that makes our jobs a little easier and more fulfilling is worth pursuing. Again, your help and expertise would be critical.

Finally, and most importantly, I’ll help to continue OAJET’s fine tradition of planning and hosting fun, interesting, community-building events for you all. This past year we’ve had a bit more variety than in the past, which is always a good thing. We’ve all got our own lives, and living in such an urban prefecture provides us no end of things to do and see, but that makes the times that we do get together all the more special. I’ll work hard to make sure that our annual Halloween and Midsummer Formal events are carried out in style, and I’ll ask you all for input about what kind of events you want to see. Your comment cards at this year’s Mid-Year Seminar were incredibly helpful, so thank you for that.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to send me a message and ask! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make our voting event on the 14th, but please do vote for me either via e-mail or at that event. I’m looking forward to another year of working hard to make Osaka as fun as possible for all of us, so I hope you’ll give me the opportunity! Thanks everyone!


Zoe Barber

Good morning Osaka!
I hope everyone enjoyed their GW and the lovely spring weather!

I’ve served on the council for the past two years, so
I’m pretty sure by now I’ve met most of you.
I really enjoyed the opportunity to take the OAJET helm over the last year. It was a fantastic learning experience and I hope that my team and I were able to put together some events you enjoyed.

Personal highlights for me were the 1500 guest Halloween Party, getting the OAJET blog and Osaka info site up and running again thanks to my amazing team (and I plan to further develop it and utilise it even more if re-elected) and my personal pet projects, the international
mixers MELTDOWN and SUGAR RUSH with 50+ attendees each.

I first joined OAJET in 2014 because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of Osaka JETs and be more involved in the JET and Osakan community.
I take great pride in having being involved in starting new projects such as the OAJET forum, bar crawl and scavenger hunt, OAJET sports based events and the international mixers.

If I am re-elected, my personal goals include further broadening OAJET’s role in the Japanese community, further increasing event attendance rates from other prefectures and the Japanese community and of course continuing to throw awesome events for you every month- my first project in mind is reinstating the OAJET summer bbq and beach day.

The JET Program allows participants to participate for up to 5 years in my city, and this upcoming year will be my last.
I’m planning on making this one count.

Over the past two years as prefecture rep (2014) and chair (2015), I have always done my best to be there for you, help you, stand up for you, plan awesome events for you, get the best deal for you and serve you with dedication and professionalism.
OAJET has become a big part of my life and I really love what I do in the community.
I’ve had a chance to work with some truly fantastic people and I’m so grateful for all the help and support my co-council members have given me. OAJET couldn’t have done any of the things we achieved without them.

By re-electing me, you will be choosing someone who is both experienced and ready to hit the ground running. I will make sure that you are represented, supported, kept informed and entertained.
So please, whether you vote by email or come to our election event (and get your freebie!) give me your vote of confidence so I can continue doing what I love doing.


Cole Millions

Hello Osaka JETs! My name is Cole Millions and I am a 2nd, going on 3rd, year Canadian JET hailing from Izumi (that’s south Osaka folks)! As I did this year, I am looking forward to representing you all next year as a member of the OAJET Council.

This year, my official position on the council was block representative. In this role, I became Osaka’s official liaison with the other prefectures in our block, such as Wakayama, Nara, and Mie. Along with the block representatives from these other prefectures, I helped organize cross-prefectural events such as Halloween and hanami, while keeping OAJET informed of any information and events that were handed to us from National AJET. Of course, my responsibilities on the OAJET council did not just stop at my liaison role. I also helped with event creation, management, troubleshooting, organization, and, at times, basically became the official meeting spot for certain OAJET events (this joke only really hits home if you know I am very tall).

So, what are my goals for next year on the council? Well, as my Japanese gets better and since I have become more confident in my creative ability, I would like to take a more active role in creating fun, unique events for us Osaka JETs and all of our friends still living in this fine prefecture. Of course, this is in addition to continue running our Book Club, which is a bi-monthly event that actually brings in quite a few people! All in the name of literary discussion!

As some other have already said, I also would like to focus on making OAJET an accessible support group for those who may need help. Next year will see some big changes for the Osaka JET world and I want to make sure that we are prepared to deal with any problems that may arise because of these changes and so that we may help any of the problems that the incoming, or her, staying, JETs may have. Osaka is, unfortunately, one of the only (if not THE only) prefecture without a PA, CIR (for now anyway), or really, proper co-ordinator, so I want to make sure that OAJET can be seen as a substitute for all of these vacant positions.

So, like last year, I hope you all see that I have commitment and passion towards OAJET and, if you don’t mind, I do hope you consider voting for me! See you on our voting event on the 14th, or please send your votes on email! Thanks again!


Melanie Budney

Helloooo Osaka!! My name is Melanie Budney, I’m from New Jersey (don’t hold against me), USA, and I’m a 2nd year JET in Daito. This year, I’m aiming to join the OAJET council!

One of my goals from the get-go when I applied for the JET program was making a difference in my community. When I previously studied abroad, I remember being disappointed that I hadn’t made more of an effort to involve myself and restricted myself to campus and my fellow foreign students. However, now I believe, with two years of teaching in Japan under my belt and a thorough understanding of the innerworkings of the council, that I’m ready to take that step and involve myself in the community as a council member. More than anything I want my remaining time in JET to count.

I’ve been active in participating in OAJET events this past year – in fact, I think I attended just about every single one! – but I’ve decided that I wanted to play a more active role in the JET community than just a participant. I’ve gotten to know the council and their roles well this year, having especially learned a lot from the open forums. It’s such an important responsibility and the rewards – being an active member of the community, thinking of ways to help others, learning more about Osaka and JET in general, and meeting people from all over the program – are well worth the time and effort!

My goal this year is to help with organization and with events. As far as capabilities go, I have a drive and enthusiasm for community activities and helping others. I (weirdly) enjoy organizational tasks (aka making lists is my jam), and I have a lot of creativity and idealism that I’d like to put to use. I’d like to assist with getting our program out there via social media, promoting cultural and sports events, doing collaborations with other prefectures to explore even more of what Kansai has to offer, and helping to contribute articles for a newsletter or zine that could help our fellow Osakans. This is one of the other areas I’m feeling really passionate about: creative outreach and helping new ALTs. With the new Mino program and a further influx this year with so many wonderful people leaving (excuse me while I cry) and the number of JETs doubling in Mino and Katano, I believe the council is the best standpoint from which to offer support. I want to help make us an accessible, hands-on, beacon in the dark for any Osaka JET, old or new, who need a guiding light and helping hand. Or maybe just a drink with friends!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you’ll consider voting for me for OAJET council this year! 


Mandy Beaulieu

Hello Osaka JETs! I am Mandy Beaulieu, an eastern Canadian aboot to be a third year in eastern Osaka (Daito) I can usually be found at Bala, a Hanshin Tigers game, or an onsen!

Since the beginning of my second year in the program, I’ve been involved in OAJET council as the events coordinator. Through that position, I helped establish a variety of events, and lots of excuses to get out and meet everyone! Planning and preparing for events is something I’m known for being weirdly into among my friends, so bringing that hobby in to help other Osaka JETs get out and involved in the community is something I am crazy excited about and willing to throw all of my energy into.

Events are an essential part of the JET community not only for establishing connections between potentially homesick or lonely OAJETs, but also for providing opportunities for cultural experiences in the community. Osaka is a small and heavily populated prefecture, but at the same time is culturally and historically rich! There are so many things to learn and do in Osaka and I’m excited to be able to provide the means and potential dealz for Osaka JETs to experience it all. I plan on establishing and publishing a monthly OAJET events newsletter and a series of culture and sports related events next year, so if you are also about that, throw some votes at me!

I’d also like to focus more on giving support to new and old JETs in Osaka. Osaka is one of the only prefectures without a PA, which with our steadily increasing number lately is problematic and worrying. Mental health, simple translation issues and purchases shouldn’t be things that adults get stressed over! I think an anonymous OAJET email, message board and emergency cellphone number would be a few steps to help address some of those things.

I hope you consider me for the next year’s council! I plan on staying around a while, so I’d like to make Osaka the best prefecture.
Come out on the 14th and hang out with us whilst supporting DEMOCRACY AND FREE THINGS

Thank you!
OAJET Election Committee
Melissa and Cheyenne


Sugar Rush International Party


Printable Event Flier!

Reserve your spot here!

Are you looking to practice your English or Japanese?

Want to make some new friends from around Kansai?

Enjoy some(bottomless)drinks and some dancing without shelling out for a club?

Get out of your winter funk and mix it up at SUGAR RUSH!

Following on from our incredibly popular International dance party MELTDOWN in July, we are proud to bring you the second installment, SUGAR RUSH.

Perfect for people who don’t enjoy the more ‘heavy’ social events like Halloween and the bar crawl; this is a social event that is sure to appeal to everyone!

Enjoy the dinner buffet, chat in the lounge area or socialize at the bar. If you are feeling DJ Kyle’s beats, head over to the dance floor and break out your best moves.

What: 2 hours buffet dinner and a very well-stocked all-you-can-drink (over 40 drinks on the menu), DJ and dance floor, chill lounge area and outdoor smoking section.

Price: 4,500yen

This includes entry, the buffet and all-you-can-drink.

This is event is by reservation only.

Please reserve by filling out this form, or by contacting OAJET directly by February 20th.


Unfortunately, if you cancel after February 20th, you are still required to pay for your place if you can’t get someone else to take it.

We ask for your understanding in this matter.


Where: VANO in Ame-mura.

http://vano.jp/ 西心斎橋 

1-9-16 Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 〒542-0086

TEL 06-6258-1088


There is no coat check inside the venue. There are lockers available outside for use from 300yen.

Separate outdoor smoking area is provided.

A vegetarian option for the buffet is available if requested in advance.










2015年に開催したMELTDOWN国際交流パーティーに引き続き、今年はSUGAR RUSH国際交流パーティーを開催いたします!


SUGAR RUSH PARTYは約40種のドリンク(お酒&ソフトドリンク)2時間飲み放題、美味しいビュッフェ、ゆっくり会話が出来るラウンジエリア、DJとダンスが楽しめるフロアをご用意しています。









VANO  http://vano.jp/ 西心斎橋

〒542-0086 大阪府大阪市中央区西心斎橋1-9-16   TEL 06-6258-1088












心斎橋駅 7番出口より徒歩3分

向こう側にBIG STEPがあります












OAJET Book Club

The members of OAJET host a reoccurring book club that happens every other month. Anyone is welcome to join, JET members, English teachers, or Japanese friends alike! This club is just a chance for fellow bibliophiles to get together, chat about the meetings book, and explore some cool cafes around the city.


Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 9.10.45 AM

Here is the link to this month’s book club event!


For our November book club pick, we are continuing our tradition of choosing Japanese authors with the book ‘Bedtime Eyes’ by Amy Yamada. This month’s book club pick is a little atypical for us, as it tackles highly controversial topics such as sex and racism in Japan. For those of us who have lived here for a while, we know that both sex and racism are everywhere in this country, but that they are rarely commented on. ‘Bedtime Eyes’, does just that and it is sure to spur a lot of discussion at this next bookclub.

As usual, book club recommendations are always welcome (SEND ME SOME, PLEASE!). Please e-mail the title, author, and a short synopsis to osaka.ajet@gmail.com or private message Cole Millions or Melissa Beauregard. The books don’t have to be written by Japanese authors and all genres are welcome – it’s just a coincidence that we are having a run of Japanese novels.

One last thing – New Osaka JETs, please come if you can! We are a small but fun group of book lovers and it would be a great opportunity to meet and socialize with some people you may not meet at other events! If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to PM  Cole Millions or Melissa Beauregard on facebook.

I hope you are all having a fantastic October, will have a great November and HAPPY READING.

NOTE: According to some readers, this book has some subject matter (regarding sex and race) that some people may find offensive. If you are squeamish about either of these two topics, I suggest you tread lightly when first reading this book.

Mt Rokko Hike & Arima Onsen

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.55.59 AM

Date: Saturday December 5th

Time: 8:30am

The leaves are changing, the air is progressing into that mid season chill, what better time than to fully immerse yourself in the unique Japanese mid-season nature than now! Join AJET for a spot of light hiking, post exercise soak in one of Japan’s top 3 hot springs and then cool off again in the city for some drinks!?

The hike is very light and easy for beginners, usually taking 4-5 hours to reach the top (Arima Onsen hot spring town) We will meet at Hankyuu Umeda station at 08:30 on Saturday dec. 5th. From there we will take a Hankyuu train to Ashiyagawa station, about 25 minutes from Umeda.

*please pack a lunch (Mandy will provide a complimentary onigiri for each person)
*Please dress warmly and in layers, you will get warm whilst hiking but there may be snow at the top!

08:30 – Meet in front of BIGMAN in Hankyuu Umeda Station and set out for Ashiyagawa
09:30(ish) – Arrive at Ashiyagawa and begin hike
12:00 – Have picnic lunch at scenic view spot overlooking osaka bay!
15:00 – Arrive at Arima and hop in the onsens
18:00 – Bus back down to Umeda and go out for dinner and drinks

Check out the facebook page for the event if you want to see more updates!


Autumn Leaf Viewing at Minoo Park

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.44.50 AM


Date: Saturday November 21st

Time: 1:30 pm

The temperature has dropped, and the sweaters and scarves are coming out. It’s the season of warm beverages, mikan and… crunchy and colourful leaves! OAJET is heading over to Minoo park to enjoy the glorious canopies of red and orange. We’ll walk to the waterfall at the top, and fuel up at the food stalls that line the path. So get ready to try sweet and crunchy deep-fried maple leaves, sugared yam fries, roasted chestnuts, and a plethora of other cheap and quick bites! They also sell bottled Minoo beer in the shops at the base of the park, so you can pick yourself up a drinkable souvenir.

We’ll meet at Minoo Station at 1:30 sharp so that we can all walk the path together as a group. Please make every effort to be on time, as the event is much more fun if we can all stick together. From Umeda take the Hankyu Takarazuka Line to Ishibashi Sation (15 minutes) and transfer to the Hankyu Minoo Line to Minoo Station (6 minutes). The entire one way trip takes about 26 minutes and costs 270 yen.

Afterwards we’ll head back to Umeda to hit a bar or an izakaya. Location TBD.

Don’t forget your sweaters, comfortable shoes, and cameras!

For further details, check out our facebook event page!













OAJET and our friends at RAMPAGE are once again teaming to bring you the ultimate Halloween club party, the HALLOWEEN RAMPAGE

OAJET has a special deal for our friends and members.
Come to the OAJET counter between 8pm and 11pm to receive not 2 but 3 drink tickets with entry!!
Show us this page or the flier linked below on your phone (one per group is ok)

****Halloween Flier***

< Location >
Hotel New Japan Dotonbori
8F open from 8pm
7F and Rooftop Bar OO open from 10pm

< Time >
Saturday, October 31st 8pm – morning
Party all night!!

< Price >
OAJET special deal between 8pm and 11pm
¥3000 for entry all night + 3 drink tickets w/flier or FB
¥3000 for entry all night + 1 drink ticket no flier/FB

entry after 11pm ¥3000 for entry all night + 1 drink ticket
reentry is one ¥500 drink ticket

<Coat check>
¥500 to fill one big plastic bag. You can share a bag with your friends. Please make sure you have all the items you need with you.

Of course, this party is not just for JETs!
Everyone is welcome 🙂
Please friend us on FB to stay updated on our monthly international, cultural and social events.

For more information or to reserve a VIP booth please contact us!
email: osaka.ajet@gmail.com
Facebook IM: Osaka Ajet or Zoe A.B. (Osaka Chair) Rosi Galvan (Block 7 Rep)






フライヤー・FB参加 – 3000円 w/3 ドリンク
ドア – 3000円 w/1ドリンク
23時以降:3000円 w/1ドリンク
再入場料 -500円のドリンクチケット



問い合わせ (日本語OK)
メール: osaka.ajet@gmail.com
FB:Osaka Ajet もしくは Zoe A.B.

If you’re planning on coming, make sure you also join our facebook event!


September in Osaka!

Kyuhoji Jinaimachi Touro (Street of Lamps) Festival

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.06.27 AMA corridor of subtle illumination in a 470 year old town. Yao Kawachi Ondo Festival is
held simultaneously. There are also events such as live performances.

PLACE : Kyuhoji Jinai machi

DATE : September 6th

WEBSITE: http://www.osaka-info.jp/en/events/festivals_events/post_270.html 


Yao Kawachi Ondo Festival

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.11.10 AM

A festival held in Yao, in the centre of Kawachi. Locals and Japanese tourists flock to the centre of Yao to participate in this tra
ditional dancing festival.

PLACE : Kyuhoji Ryokuchi

DATE : September 6th

WEBSITE: http://www.osaka-info.jp/en/events/festivals_events/post_122.html


AJET Block 7 Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt designed by your local Osaka AJET council members to help you get to know the great city of Osaka!

PLACE : Meet at Nankai Namba and go from there!

DATE : September 12th

WEBSITE: https://www.facebook.com/events/855405177870397/


AJET Block 7 Bar Crawl

Nothing like dashing through the bars of Osaka to get to know this lively city through one of its citizens favourite activities, drinking!

PLACE : Balabushka

DATE : September 12th, 18:00

WEBSITE: https://www.facebook.com/events/937037859675109/


Japanese Culture Day

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.17.35 AM

A recital of famous shamisen masters, bamboo flutes, and calligraphy. After the recital you can try everything yourself!

PLACE : Exciting Japan Culture Centre

DATE : September 13th and September 27th

WEBSITE: https://www.kansaiscene.com/listing/japanese-culture-day/2015-09-27/


Craft Beer Picnic

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.20.54 AM

With the sudden craft beer boom in Japan, there’s no way to miss this chance to try over 60 kinds of craft beer, from Japan and abroad!

PLACE : Nakanoshima Park

DATE : September 18th to 23rd, 10:30 – 20:30

WEBSITE: http://www.osaka-info.jp/en/events/gourmet_market/craft_beer_picnic.html


Zombie Run 2015 in OsakaScreen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.22.27 AM

Run to chase? Or maybe just running for your life!

PLACE : Maishima Sports Island

DATE : September 19

WEBSITE: http://www.osaka-info.jp/en/events/sport/zombie_run_2015_in_osaka.html


Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.25.01 AMKansai Collection AW 2015 
In 2015, Osaka hosts one of Kansai’s biggest fashion shows.

PLACE : Kyocera Dome Osaka

DATE : September 23rd

WEBSITE: http://www.osaka-info.jp/en/events/music/kansai_collection_2014spring_summer.html


Nakanoshima Night View Cruise

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.28.37 AM

Nakanoshima Night View Cruise is available for an only limited time with the Osaka Amazing Pass! There’s also a giant rubber ducky, which it pretty fantastic.

PLACE : Hachikenya-hama pier (Keihan or Tanimachi line Temmabashi Station Exit 17, 18)

DATE : September 18th to October 12th

WEBSITE: http://www.osaka-info.jp/en/events/experience/nakanoshima_night_view_cruise.html


Special Exhibition “Time of Others”

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.31.47 AM

How much distance lies between us? The exhibition begins with the aforementioned question, and presents works that provide us with ideas about how to deal with the time of “others.”

PLACE : National Museum of Art

DATE : September 23rd, 10:00-17:00 (Entry until 16:30) * Open until 19:00 on Fridays (Entry until 18:30) *Closed on Mondays

WEBSITE: http://www.nmao.go.jp/en/exhibition/


Autumn Thinking Festival

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.34.04 AM

At this Shinto ritual, tea, incense, seven autumnal plants, bell crickets, and others items are offered.

PLACE : Osaka Temmangu Shrine

DATE : September 27th

WEBSITE: http://www.osaka-info.jp/en/events/festivals_events/post_93.html


Moon Viewing FestivalScreen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.36.56 AM

Poems are read aloud on Sumiyoshi-taisha Shrine’s arched bridge. Fantastic Sumiyoshi dance and bugaku, traditional Japanese court music accompanied by dance, are also preformed attracting numerous visitors every year.

PLACE : Sumiyoshi-taisha Shrine

DATE : September 27th Harvest moon 18:00 – 20:30

WEBSITE: http://www.osaka-info.jp/en/events/festivals_events/post_40.html